How would you like to be logged in using the "Remember Me" function?

As a Bond.Hub user, you have the option of logging on to Barclays Live either directly or via the Bond.Hub multi-dealer service.

You have chosen to use the "Remember Me" logon function. With this function, you will no longer be prompted for your user ID and password.* Please follow the directions below to specify how you wish to be logged on to Barclays Live.

Option 1: To ALWAYS log on via Bond.Hub, TURN OFF the "Ask Me Every Time" check-box and then click "Login via Bond.Hub"

Option 2: To ALWAYS log in directly to Barclays Live, TURN OFF the "Ask Me Every Time" check-box and then click "Log In Directly to Barclays Live"

Option 3: If you would like to be prompted each time, leave the "Ask Me Every Time" check-box turned on. Then click one of the links below to determine your access method for THIS SESSION only.

NOTE: You can always change this option later by clicking on the "Profile" button at the top of the Barclays Live screen.

Ask Me Every Time I Log In
Login via Bond.Hub Login Directly to Barclays Live

* NOTE: Applications requiring more security, such as online trading, clearing, account information, etc. will still require you to enter your Barclays Live ID and password may even require SecurID access.

For assistance with this please contact the Barclays Live Help Desk:

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